The Easiest Way to Stroll with Kids

Whether it is a fast trip to the market or a scheduled family trip spent travelling around the city, as a mother I love to take my kids with me. I like it most when we go to the mall or market to buy some stuff and groceries for us to consume the whole week. But having both my kids when I do some grocery chores alone is quite challenging. Sometimes I use the pram for my 5-year-old son especially when he’s a little out of control and sometimes put him in a carrier for added convenience. My 7-year-old daughter is mommy’s little helper. She likes to do some grown-up roles by taking care of his little brother while we’re grocery shopping. She likes to stroll his little brother whenever I bring the pram with us. I love to be with my kids and I always make sure that we spend time with them by having small trips as a family to different scenic locations in and around the area.

If I will leave some helpful travel tips with your little ones, I may suggest that you bring the suitable travel tool in carrying your kids. If you are planning on a long trip with the family and you get to travel on your own wheels, I suggest that you bring a pram instead of a carrier to help you move around and make your trip less exhausting especially if it requires that you take long walks around the block. But a carrier may be of good help though, if you wanted to spend a little afternoon in the park with your child or by doing some home chores when your baby likes to cuddle, you can utilize your carrier to keep your little one calm and with it you can also add some extra touch of TLC as you are close to each other rather than transporting your child via pram.

How I Taught My Kid How to Speak My Language

As I have mentioned earlier, I am a mom of two kids my eldest is 7 years of age and my youngest just turned 5 years old last month. Teaching them school work is tough but teaching them of our native language is tougher than I thought it could be. They both knew a little of our own language as they grew up in Algeria but I am afraid that they might lose it as they age here in the United States. That is why I always try to incorporate Algerian Arabic words as we study all the school works at home. I made sure that we spend at least 30-45 minutes every night just to learn the basics of our native tongue. As a full-time mom, I get to prepare a little lesson for them to work on during our mother tongue review.

I get to teach my children some helpful words and phrases in Arabic like “ooRaasek” which means “Please” in English, “SaHa” which means “Thank You” and “saameHnee” which means “Excuse me or I’m sorry”.  I also help them get to know Arabic Greetings like “SbaaH il-KheyR” which stands for “Good morning” and “msil-KheyR” which stands for “Good Night”. I also teach them some basic descriptions with colors like “HmaR” which is red, “KhDaR” which is green and “zRaq” which is blue in Arabic. And not to forget, I teach them how to count from zero which is “SifR” to ten which is “’ashRa” in Algerian Arabic. All of these simple words get to help them review and familiarize our mother tongue even when we’re a long way off from our original hometown.

Appreciating Culture Through Raising Children

As I raise my two children in this new city, I couldn’t help but think that my kids should also appreciate our own culture even if we currently reside in a different country. And having two cultures in mind, one being a native in Algeria and another in this new home that we live in here in the United States, I need to teach both cultures to my children. In this way, we could preserve our own and be aware of the culture where we live in at present. The first thing I have in mind is to make them aware of and help them catch up with the American culture – how the people live, the American language, the American food available all around the place, the American style in clothing, climate, the arts and sports. With this, they became aware of all the things they need to know as they adjust to the environment and to help them get along with the people they get in contact with each day.

I know it is difficult for my kids to absorb both cultures at the same time but whenever we spend some quality time at home, I make sure that we practice a little bit of our Algerian culture. I teach them a little bit of our native language, we get to listen to known Algerian music to relieve us from homesickness. I even prepare some popular Algerian dishes on our table to remind us of our native culture that we once left as we search for a better future ahead of us.