Appreciating Culture Through Raising Children

As I raise my two children in this new city, I couldn’t help but think that my kids should also appreciate our own culture even if we currently reside in a different country. And having two cultures in mind, one being a native in Algeria and another in this new home that we live in here in the United States, I need to teach both cultures to my children. In this way, we could preserve our own and be aware of the culture where we live in at present. The first thing I have in mind is to make them aware of and help them catch up with the American culture – how the people live, the American language, the American food available all around the place, the American style in clothing, climate, the arts and sports. With this, they became aware of all the things they need to know as they adjust to the environment and to help them get along with the people they get in contact with each day.

I know it is difficult for my kids to absorb both cultures at the same time but whenever we spend some quality time at home, I make sure that we practice a little bit of our Algerian culture. I teach them a little bit of our native language, we get to listen to known Algerian music to relieve us from homesickness. I even prepare some popular Algerian dishes on our table to remind us of our native culture that we once left as we search for a better future ahead of us.

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