About Me

Hello there! My name is Lexa, I was born and raised for almost 15 years in a small, beautiful town in Algeria. I’m a mom of two beautiful children and married to my husband for almost 8 years now. I couldn’t imagine life outside my own hometown that’s why I created this blog to share my insight and experience after we moved in and grabbed this huge opportunity to search for a greener pasture. My family and I came all the way from Algeria to become permanent residents here in the United States and it all came together when my husband got a huge promotion at his work.

At first, I was very hesitant to agree with my husband on this journey. But having my children’s future in mind, I became one with my husband on this and started to embrace this wonderful adventure with my entire family. I admit that I’m still anxious about many things since we moved in, like how to get the new house set and cleaned just like our home way back in Algeria, or if I’ll have good neighbors around to help us in case of emergency, or how to get into a good school for my kids, our daily transportation from home to school and the market – because we don’t own a personal vehicle yet, and the list goes on.

Jumping into this whole adventure together as a whole family entails a huge adjustment on our part. We need to get ready for the climate or weather changes that are way too different to what we used to experience back in Algeria. We also need to familiarize with the whole place, know the basic means of transportation and get to know the people around. And as a mom, I need to make sure that all will go well with all of us – no matter what. Come and join me as I begin this blog and share our journey as a family in this completely new place for us to stay in the coming years.