Looking into liquid diamonds and live resin: a side-by-side comparison

There are two main types of cannabis extracts that stand out: liquid diamonds vs live resin. Fans of these two types can enjoy different situations and qualities. Let’s look into what makes them different.

What do Liquid Diamonds mean?

Liquid diamonds, which are also called THCA diamonds, are a strong type of cannabis extract. They are crystal-like structures that have a lot of tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), which is the acid that makes THC. The name comes from the fact that these crystals often shine like diamonds.

How it’s Made:

Solvent extraction is the process by which liquid diamonds are made. To do this, solvents like butane or propane are used to get cannabinoids and chemicals out of cannabis plant matter. The solvents are then taken out of the extract, leaving behind THCA crystals in a sauce full of terpenes.

What it is:

People know that liquid diamonds are very strong because they often have more than 90% THC in them. They give a clean, strong high that expert users like. The terpene-rich sauce adds to their taste and smell, making the whole experience better.

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What does Live Resin mean?

Live resin is another well-known cannabis extract that has a strong smell and taste. Living resin is not a crystal-like liquid diamond; it is a thick liquid or wax.

How it’s Made:

Live resin is made from fresh cannabis plant matter that is frozen right after it is picked. The delicate oils would break down during the drying and hardening process if they weren’t frozen. The frozen material is then taken out using butane or CO2 as a cleaner. The extract that was made has all of the cannabinoids and oils that are in the live plant.

What it is:

This is because live resin keeps the new oils inside, which gives it a rich taste. The high is well-rounded because it includes both the effects of THC and the entourage effects of the other cannabinoids and oils in the extract. Liquid diamonds may have a slightly higher THC content than living resin, but experts really like the way it smells and how it makes them feel.

How do you like the strong high? liquid diamonds vs live resin, each concentrate has its own special qualities that make them suitable for different tastes. In the end, what you want to do and your personal taste determine whether you use liquid diamonds or live plastic.

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