Dos and Don’ts of Buying Jewellery for Your Significant Other

Since ancient times, jewellery has been an expression of love and affection. It challenging to choose the right jewellery for your significant other. Get started by taking a look at our jewellery dos and don’ts.

Do: Choose the Right Metal

The key is to select a metal that will not only suit your partner’s taste but also their skin tone. If they have warm undertones, then go with yellow or rose gold. If your cool undertones, then try white gold or platinum.

Don’t: Go over Budget

While purchasing a piece of jewellery shows how much you care about someone special in your life – it doesn’t mean breaking the bank. It’s important to set a budget before heading out shopping because luxury items like diamond rings can easily cost thousands of dollars – which may not be feasible within everyone’s budget range.

Do: Pay Attention to Style Preferences

It’s essential when deciding on what type of jewelry pawn in Phoenix item would best suit their style preferences whether they prefer simple earrings or bold statement pieces. This information will help narrow down selections too.

Don’t: Buy without Researching Trends

Before making any purchase decision always do some research on current trends in jewellery fashion styles as these can change from season to season. You want something timeless yet stylish enough that she’ll actually wear it more than once.

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Do: Consider Personalized Engraving

Personalized engravings add an extra layer of thoughtfulness to any gift-giving situation & make an already special occasion even more memorable by creating sentimental value behind each individual piece purchased from personal E.g., adding initials onto necklaces and bracelets, etc.

Don’t: Guess Ring Size

If you’re planning on proposing with a ring purchase never guess her ring size. There are online guides that offer tips & tricks on how to determine correct sizing prior so you won’t risk disappointment after popping.

Do: Shop Around

Take time shopping around different stores when looking at various options available i.e department stores vs independent jewellers both have pros and cons depending upon preference factors such as price point constraints vs traditional displays etc. Shopping around ensures that purchases are being made at fair prices while also getting the best quality possible compared to competitors’ prices offerings.

Don’t: Ignore Allergies

It’s important factor-in allergies whilst considering types of metals alloys chosen (ie copper-nickel base alloy) which could cause allergic reactions resulting in redness rashes after wearing pieces’ long-term periods, especially those worn frequently e.g. wedding bands.

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