What To Be Wary of When Buying Used Cars?

The time has come where many people are now making a conscious effort to buy used cars. Whether it’s for a second car, or if you’re just tired of the expense and upkeep of your current vehicle, buying used cars in san diego is an affordable option.

But before you rush out to purchase that sleek, new car from that ad at the corner of your eye, be wary of these things when shopping for any used car.

  1. Take it to a mechanic before you buy

Any used car you’re considering should be thoroughly inspected by an expert first. If you have no knowledge of auto mechanics and somebody tries to sell you on the fact that the car is “in amazing condition”, but fails to specify why, take the vehicle for inspection by someone who does.

The cost of having a professional inspect your potential vehicle’s major systems (engine, transmission, suspension, etc.) could save you from being stuck with a lemon down the road. It’s always better to spend your hard earned cash on a quality car in great condition rather than something that may only last another year or two before breaking down again and costing more money in repairs.

  1. Check the Service Records of the previous owner

This should be a no-brainer, but it bears repeating. You need to know who was the last person to service your potential car. Sure, you might not have any reason to worry when you purchase a used car with only one owner in its lifetime, but the fact that this owner bought it at a good price over 15 years ago doesn’t necessarily mean they took care of it.

This is especially important if you’re buying a used car that’s been sitting under some shady dealer for most of its life. Buyers who buy old cars off the lot are more likely to have more unknowns than knowns when they take possession of them.

  1. Ask about the vehicle’s history

If you’re buying a used car from a private party, ask about any problems that may have occurred with the vehicle and how they were fixed. While this is not an indicator of how well the car has been maintained, it does shed light on the owner’s ability to deal with certain situations and will help you determine if there are more problems to come in the near future.

  1. Check for signs of improper repairs

When checking out a used car, don’t be afraid to look around at some of its more sensitive areas (like underneath) after asking the owner what was done under the hood recently.

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