What To Do Before Buying A Used Car

Buying a used car may seem like a great way to save money, but it’s very important that you do your research and make sure the vehicle you are buying is in good condition. To help you sort through all of the cars out there, here is our list of 7 questions to ask when buying used cars in sacramento.


1. Do I Need A Used Car Inspection?

Many auto sellers will offer you in-depth reports on the car’s condition and the repairs that have been made to it, but before you sign off on this offer, do make sure it is something you actually want. Many people buy vehicles that need major repairs only to find out they can’t afford to fix them, which could be very costly. A good inspection can help you avoid these headaches and save some money as well.


2. Is The Car Covered With Insurance?

Before purchasing a car from a dealership or from a private seller, check the owner’s policy and see if it covers any of your specific needs (such as liability or covers collision damage). It’s best to get this information in writing (many insurance companies offer guidelines for their customers on how to buy insurance) so that you can read up on the process before you start.

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3. Is The Car In Good Repair?

When a car is left unrepaired or driving around with major problems, it can cause serious damage to the parts and is a big safety risk. Make sure if you buy a car that there are no major issues with it and that the interior is not so damaged that it would cause any of those problems, as well.


4. Will The Car Pass A Smog Test?

This is one important thing to check before purchasing any vehicle, especially older cars. Smog tests are a huge concern among many people because of the cost and hassle they are. However, if you do buy a used car that has failed a smog test, it’s important to note it and also try to find out why. Sometimes it is required by the state, and sometimes it can be an issue with the vehicle itself, so you should always assume that this could be a problem.


5. Can I Be Sure The Car Will Start When I Need It To?

If the vehicle in question does not have any major problems, then this is another one of those good questions to ask because sometimes these cars just don’t start when needed.

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